The Barkers…

FULL NAME: Leonardo “Leo” Fatedo
HOW I GOT MY NAME: Master loves the Arts, and named me after Leonardo da Vinci and she let a smaller master come up with my middle name.
BREED: Mini Dachshund – Red Coat Dapple
LIKES: Spearment / Pepperment chew bones (I know it crazy, but prefer that over cheddar or peanut butter bones), Fireplace, Ladies, treats, Master’s BIG bed
DISLIKES: Being told “No”, Sirens, Grilling/Smoke, Jaxson’s annoying antics
ADOPTION: August 2002 – Colorado Pet store
INTERESTING FACT(S): I have saved my master’s life twice now, so I more then earned MY spot on the Bed, Jaxson is still earning his spot.  I’m very loud and I speak my mind more then I probably should.
FULL NAME: Jaxson, “Jaxs”
HOW I GOT MY NAME: Master named me after Jackson Polluck, I guess he liked to make a mess with liquids.
BREED: Mini Dachshund – Tan, Chocolate, Carmel Coat Double Dapple.
LIKES: Chasing a long thing that is always near my butt, Toys, bones, Things that make noise, furry stuff on Other Master’s face. Jumping, Chasing & playing with Leo.
DISLIKES: Silly things my master puts on my face – makes things look “darker”
ADOPTION: November 2008 – Colorado Dachshund Breeder INTERESTING FACT(S): I can see better on the one side of my face and tend to run sideways.

FULL NAME: Hudson “Huddy”
HOW I GOT MY NAME: Named after the Character Doc Hudson from the Disney movie Cars
BREED: Mini Dapple Dachshund.
LIKES: Food, especially bites of apple and banana, chasing balls, chewing
pressed bones and anything squeeky and furry, playing with our dog pals at doggy day care, running in the yard, barking at anything, cuddling, and napping.
DISLIKES: Thunder, going to my kennel at night, the cats antics that get me into trouble, and my brother Doc and his whining.
ADOPTION: 2008-from a family member that had a litter of dachshund puppies
INTERESTING FACT(S): When I bark for food, it sounds like I am saying I love you, Also for being so small, I can catch really big toys in my mouth.
FULL NAME: Doc “Doc Doc and Baby Doc”
HOW I GOT MY NAME: Named after the Character Doc Hudson from the Disney
movie Cars
BREED: Mini Dapple Dachshund
LIKES: Food, especially bites of apple and banana, napping, playing with
squeaky toys, annoying  my brother Hudson, chasing after the cats, running,
being stylish in my sweaters when it’s cold, playing with other dachshunds, and chasing lasers.
DISLIKES: Being told no, going in the car, baths, and going to the vet.
ADOPTION: 2008-from a family member that had a litter of dachshund puppies
INTERESTING FACT(S): I have been known to climb the cat tree to get cat food, but that leads to me getting into trouble. Also if you think you have everything possible put away that I could get into, I will find something to get into, it’s a talent of mine.

Cinna FULL NAME: Cinna
ABOUT: I’m little but I’m fiesty! Anyone messing with me is gonna get it and fast!! I bark the loudest! I growl the fiercest and that chicken is MINE!! Oh! And I’m also the prettiest too.. So no chewing on my skirt!!My Master writes about me on her site at:  The Charming Chi
ABOUT: I’m Cori and I like to keep an eye out for what’s going on. Need to avoid sneak attacks by Cinna and make sure Fen doesnt take my toys.. Sometimes loud noises and new things are pretty scary for me so I stick close to my human mom. I like to sleep in her lap and sometimes she gives me extra snacks if I dont tell the others. :-) She says I need confidence and I’m not sure what that is but it comes with chicken so I think I’ll like it too.My Master writes about me on her site at:  The Charming Chi

ABOUT: I’m very proud of myself because I’m the biggest and the handsomest of my brothers and sisters. Everyone likes my spots and they make me special. I love to play and run and steal things so I get chased and just have Fun Fun Fun!! Life is a party and I’m lovin it!My Master writes about me on her site at:  The Charming Chi
GingerFULL NAME: Ginger
ABOUT: Well, I’m Gingie and I’m almost 4. I’m pretty happy all the time and have a lot of fun. I have Susu handy and he is fun to tease because he gets so grumpy about it. I have 3 puppies to play with now and I’m a great Mom to them and it’s cool now that they are old enough to play with too because I love to play. My favorites things in life are running as fast as I can and eating the good stuff the humans dont want anymore of.My Master writes about me on her site at:  The Charming Chi

ABOUT: I’m almost 6 yrs old now and have been with my humans since I was a pup. I have a very important job to make sure everyone takes regular breaks and the best way to do this is to lay down on one of the humans. Nothing makes them happier than having me on their lap. I love chicken and snacks and the best time of the day is bedtime when I get to snuggle under the covers with mom. Mom says I’m just lazy but I think I’m just smart… I mean why run to the kitchen for snacks if the humans will deliver to the couch?My Master writes about me on her site at:  The Charming Chi
BREED: Unknown
LIKES: Cardboard, Playing with Alex
DISLIKES: the thing that squirts water at me
ADOPTION: 2011 – Colorado Shelter
INTERESTING FACT(S): I am confused a lot with someone named “Raggs”

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While all dogs go to Heaven, they leave lasting memories here on
Earth and these barkers we like to refer as Legacy Barkers:
While we do focus on us dogs here, we will have have from time to time our feline furiends share their “side”.
FULL NAME: Norman “Norm”
BREED: English Mastiff
LIKES: Relaxing, Playing with Bruce & Jaxson, Protecting my Master(s),
DISLIKES: Pills/ Vet
ADOPTION: October 2004 – Colorado Animal Store. Passed away in 2011
INTERESTING FACT(S): I had to be taught how to bark by my Master(s)
Miss YodaFULL NAME: Yoda
BREED: Black Short Hair
HOW I GOT MY NAME: Masters love Star Wars
LIKES: Toys on Strings, FEATHERS! WATER (my fav USE to be dive bombing toilets but masters caught on so now I do it to my water bowl or bath). Jaxson my buddy.
DISLIKES: peanut butter, PILLS (Medication).
ADOPTION: 2012 I fell into my masters’ care.
INTERESTING FACT(S): I am serious on the water! I love to play in any water.  You turn it on I AM THERE!  =^..^=