2013 just flew by didn’t it?

It’s funny how life can just keep you going so fast you have barely a chance to slow down.  2013 & 2012 did just that.  In early 2013 our newest furball really did struggle, she actually had a few more setbacks until June.  Sadly in May, I had some issues hit the main job front and have now been working nearly two jobs to help cover.  Things have finally settled down now and we are now in the process of re-grouping and getting this blog back to it’s core: Storytelling.  We got a ton of stories that the boys have been wanting to share and we will now be adding them in.  Also there is coming a new site in 2014: A Cat’s Journal, which will be the sister site of A Dog’s Journal, and our very own Yoda will be on that site sharing her stories on there instead [...] Read more »

Dear Furiends…

[Message from our Master] First I must apologize to our readers for not posting in a loooooong while. You see we here at A Dog’s Journal had sorta a rough road in 2012 and when we started getting back to posting fun silly adventures, the unthinkable happened: Our newest furball, Yoda started having medical issues.  Not only were we scared but our other furballs sensed something was wrong.  Posting on A Dog’s Journal stopped as it was tough to work full time jobs AND deal with Yoda’s issues on top of all. A Dog’s Journal was started as a fun way to share stories from our dogs’ point of view (mostly when they get into trouble).  We will be starting to ramp up our stories as clearly we have a backlog of sillyness.  But from now on we will also share stories that may not be so silly but how our furballs [...] Read more »

Not the vet!

Last week my eyes were bothering me. (So was Jaxson, but so what else is new?) I decided to just nap on the couch all day and take it easy. Then Master put on my leash – yay, time to go outside! I headed for the front door but she took me out the back instead. Other Master was in the big red thing and, oh no, she put me in it! It started moving and I started whining to warn them that we were almost certainly going to die at any moment, but as usual they didn’t believe me and just told me to be quiet. Master did something and noise started coming out of the moving thing, which made it too hard for them to hear me anyway so I gave up. What seemed like a long time later we finally stopped. Master got out of the big [...] Read more »