Not the vet!

Last week my eyes were bothering me. (So was Jaxson, but so what else is new?) I decided to just nap on the couch all day and take it easy. Then Master put on my leash – yay, time to go outside! I headed for the front door but she took me out the back instead. Other Master was in the big red thing and, oh no, she put me in it! It started moving and I started whining to warn them that we were almost certainly going to die at any moment, but as usual they didn’t believe me and just told me to be quiet. Master did something and noise started coming out of the moving thing, which made it too hard for them to hear me anyway so I gave up. What seemed like a long time later we finally stopped. Master got out of the big [...] Read more »

Bark the Word: GLWR Fundrasier

Last year, I barked about a no-kill Weimaraner shelter in the Great Lakesregion. Master has been talking about them again lately, and I was afraid that she was thinking about bring home a (ugh) dog – don’t want that! It’s bad enough that I have to share her with Jaxson and other master (who took my nice warm spot on the bed….) It turns out that she just wants to help raise money for them, which I think is great, even though I’m not really sure exactly what money is. Apparently they use it to take care of lots of dogs, which is a good thing – all dogs should have good homes, just so long as they stay away from MINE! Anyway, master likes smelly stuff (although for some reason she never seems to appreciate it when we bring her some….she has to get her own smelly stuff!) and [...] Read more »