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  1. Lara says:

    know its a big ask but could all animals in shelters be homed or at the very least get some more walks & hugs?????

    • Master says:

      Yes! That is a great wish – We hope for that too :0)

    • Rebecca says:

      To Lara:

      I know….we all wish they could all get a home!!! As far as the “getting home or hugs”, well, some people try as much as they can. Four years ago I adopted a 7- year-old Stafordshire who really couldn’t co-exist with other dogs and needed a home. She died 18 months ago. She was a bully!!! But now have a younger three-legged golden retriever, (ssshhhhh…he doesn’t know he’s missing a leg) who really demands all of my attention. I will adopt “underdogs” before any other. I just want to let you know that there are people who care!!!
      By the way, I used volunteer as a dog walker at a shelter, and these dogs do get lot of walks and love from good people. Unfortuneately, not everyone has the compassion to take them on and give them a good life. Also, I would have had multiple dogs here in my home if they weren’t so aggressive owards other dogs.

      Lara, there are good people in the world, but not enough of them!! I totally share your compassion!!

  2. Amy Blauvet says:

    I know what all of my little rescue’s would want Santa to bring for Christmas. That all the animals on this planet would be treated with love and kindness. That all the kill shelter’s would close due to lack of any animals needing to be destroyed. All animals would have love, good food, and a wonderful to lay their heads at night. That’s my wish for Santa. Signed Max, Minnie Me, Dexter, Kaytee, Chloe, Evie, and T.C. Kitty

    • Master says:

      Here at A Dog’s Journal we do fundraisers and love to promote “No Kill Shelters” Know of of a good one please let us know :0).

  3. zarqa says:

    Dear Santa,
    My name is alpha, and I am two years old. I wish my mommy would get me an illusion collar set. I want treats. My furry coat is patchy. Mommy is giving me special baths. I hope it goes away. But most of all, please give Mr. Millan whatever he wishes for ’cause he helped my mommy understand me better. thanks.

    • Master says:

      We hope it goes away too… We are also praying for our own little furball who is having neurological problem (it is a mystery at this point).

      Mr Millan help us too!!!

  4. Amy Blauvet says:

    Thanks Santa for seeing our letter .

  5. Diana Preciado says:

    Dear Santa Paws,

    My little brother and I want to be healthy this upcoming year. I was diagnosed with that wretched disease “diabetes” ugh!! I’m being poked twice a day, but I must admit I do feel better. I guess if I had to ask for something other than good health it would be for sugar free dog treats. My little bro Chucky was diagnosed with renal failure. He’s doing ok, he’s a trooper!! In his case Santa I wish you would make medication or follow ups to the vet less costly. Our owner loves us so much, and she always takes us to our appointments but its not easy. In any case Santa see what you could do about those sugar free dog treats and maybe a groupon for pet meds….that would be pawstastic!!!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    • Master says:

      I sure hope so!!! If you find some Sugar Free Treats can you let us know (that are delicious can you let us know so we can share it on the Barking Deals page?)

      Hugs, Wags, wiggles and Giggles to you and Happy Holidays, may it be bright and hope your health continues to get stronger as well.

  6. buddy says:

    Dear Santa. I would like to chase cats, squirrels and rabbits but my mom tells me to leave it, well as the rabbit poo I try to eat. I would also like my neighbors to keep throwing me table scraps but mom stopped that too. Hopefully mom will keep giving me yummy dog treats after I eat my dog food because I am a good boy.

  7. Sammy & Maggie says:

    Dear Santa:

    We are so lucky that there is little that we are left wanting. Mom works hard to provide for us, spends plenty of time with us, lets us sleep with her, and as long as we are good, we get to do lots of different things with Mom. Mom feeds us free-range, naturally grown meats and organic vegetables but she keeps insisting on cooking them! All due consider, I know I shouldn’t complain but could you please help mom make the transition to feeding us raw food diets. She’s read about it and has offered it a few times (and it was so, so good!) but doesn’t feel quite comfortable feeding it. Could you please help her? I’ll promise to stop complaining about the treat limit!

  8. Linda Alexander says:

    Dear Santa could you please help all those unwanted, unloved and abandoned animal get a loving home. I am so lucky to have my mum and lots of doggy pals to be happy with. Please could you help.

    My mums crying so its down to me to write.

    Merry christmas to you all your little workers, you do a great job.

    Woof Woof

  9. Dagmar Lehr says:

    Dear Santa Paws,
    this is Lenny and I’m a two year old Malinois.
    After 6 months in the shelter I found a new home in October.
    I am spoiled rotten now so the only wish left is please help find my brothers and sisters in shelters all over the world a home like mine!

    Tailwagging greetings

  10. Sammy says:

    Dear Santa Paws,
    I am a lucky boy and have been trying to be really good. I started to chew things that my mom and non-furry brothers like and that gets me in trouble. But she figured out that if I had enough exercise, that would subside. I swear that is the only bad thing I did this year…promise!
    So, the only thing I ask for is lots of time playing and running with my non-furry brothers and maybe a chew rope too….yeah, that would be nice. And I promise to try and NOT wreck her tree this year. (paws crossed….but it’s so tempting!)
    Kisses & Paws

  11. Dear Santa,

    All our own wishes have come true when we were adopted. The only wish we have now is: loving family’s for our friends that were left behind… and if that’s not possible food and shelter for the winter… So dear Santa if you can could you please send our less fortunate friends in Romania food?

  12. Grizzly says:

    Dear Santa paws
    This is my 14th Xmas with my wonderful family, but last year my mom adopted another puppy well he is now 2. His name is Yogi he’s a mastiff with an attitude. He is always pushing and trying to get in good with mom, but I think she has caught on to him. Santa Paws all I want for Xmas is just once ,when Yogi is pushing me out of the way so he can get out the door first {He fall on his tail} thank you Santa

  13. Tika says:

    woof woof bark yip hot dogs – woof!!!

  14. maja says:

    Dear Santa paw.

    My name is maja, and i wish, that my trainer get helping hand, that i can have more fun with kids and can help Persons with handicap and old Persons.
    She would like to spend all free time she have for visiting others with me. My trainer said to me to be more normal dog. But i need more fun and work! ;-)

  15. Nelly says:

    Querido Santa Claus.
    Me llamo Nelly,tenia otro nombre era parecido pero mi amiga,la 2ª persona que me acogio en su vida(y ahora dice que su vida soy yo)antes de cumplir mi primer año,dijo que todo lo malo que habia pasado tenia que dejarlo atras.
    Ahora soy una perrita malcriada de 9 años,con una encefalitis autoinmune muy controlada,o como dice mi amiga humana las defensas tontas.
    Pero querido Santa quedria pedirte dejar de tener tanto miedo a todo,poder estar entre muchos amigos caninos y jugar con ellos,,,no pegada a mi amiga.Tambien cuando me saca a pasear(en realidad,porque hago con ella lo que quiero)la pongo de los nervios,porque mi forma de saludar a mis congeneres es tirarme hacia ellos como si en vez de pesar 6 K pesara 60 K y fuera un gran danes(nunca he mordido a nadie y me han puesto la mano en la boca incluso)
    Santa,convierteme en una perrita valiente y tranquila.
    P.D:Y que muchos compañeros puedan tener una familia que les quiera.Gracias

  16. ralphie says:

    santa please bring my hairless puppy aka my peoples grandson, a dog. his dog died a year ago and even though he loves me he wants a dog brother of his own. i will try to be nice to it.

  17. Vedo says:

    Dear Santa Paws
    I am Grizzly and Yogi’s Brother I am the Middle one.I wish I was the only doggie in the house hold. LOL just joking. No I am a pretty Happy doggie we have our own bedroom, and lots of friends because mom has a doggie daycare.So Santa I have a favor to ask please make it really busy in the new year for my mom
    Thank you Santa Paws and i will leave you out a doggie treats, and have a Merry Xmas your friend Vedo.
    PS Just give us a little warning when you are coming to our house because Yogi gets a little silly

  18. Calypso says:

    Dear Santa Paws

    I am a cat not a dog (sorry) but we like Santa Paws too. My mom walks dogs for the SPCA and she loves it. I do fear she might bring a dog home one day and I am afraid of dogs. Although she says we aren’t allowed dogs in our building, I still fear she might try and bring a little one home. Maybe if this happens you can help me get over my fear of dogs. I think they are probably okay. My Christmas wish is for all animals to have nice homes like I do. My mom spoils me rotten and I feel very blessed. I don’t need or want anything for Christmas. I just want all the cats and dogs to have good forever homes and be happy. Thanks Santa Paws. SEE YOU AT CHRISTMAS. please don’t wake my mom as this makes her grumpy.

    • Master says:

      No worries! On Jaxson wish list he is actually referring to his best friend Yoda, our kitten :) We love all furballs!! Merry Christmas