Not the Best Introduction…

So we are pretty sure you are wondering what happen to us here at A Dog’s Journal. Well, our masters decided that it was time to bring a new “furiend”. Um this “furiend” was DIFFERENT than us- and TINY, so small we mistook it for a toy. They were calling it “Yoda” (silly name if you ask us!). So masters have been getting this ‘thing’ all settled in and working full time too (or so they say) which leaves little wiggle room for us to update as often as we want.She is not quite what I expected as I wanted someone I could wrestle with, and lets face it she’s a GIRL! Girls cannot wrestle.After time and enough of Leo slacking, I decided to be more open to her (she constantly tries to play with me).  Well wow! She is a LOT of FUN!! I love how out of nowhere she POPS out and scares me; I confess that I pee a little and she smiles.  I got her back, like she has mine… Well I have grown very attached to the ‘thing’ and she is my best friend, I just wished I figured that out sooner as little did I know, she just vanished… I was upset and would go lay in her “box”.  Master comforted me, but I wanted Yoda. It felt like forever but she recently came home again! YEA, but I cant snuggle with her as Master keeps me away from her or I have to be in my box (I hate that!) but I know she missed me too as I have seen her get excited, when I was headed outside.  I have tried to sneak up to her but Master catches me.  They do let us snuggle at night for a very short period as something about not letting us get too excited or play.  I caught her walking and whoa, she seemed off and not right.  I know my masters are worried as I sense it and my one master has cried a few times.
*NOTICE FROM MASTERS: Here at A Dog’s Journal it is important to bring awareness and help.  In 2012 we raised over $500 and have donated our creative talents for Animal Causes and Rescues.  We are now faced with a struggle of our own, and that is our newest addition, Yoda.  She recently has popped up with a neurological medical problem that has yet to be diagnosed.  
Yoda is 8 month old black kitten that like any other kitten loves to play, hop and chase toys or Jaxson. She also love, love, LOVES water! Crazy, we know, but she plays in it, dive bombs toilets if left open and if water is turned on she will come out of any place just to give you the biggest kitty eyes ever to play in it. She fits in with all of us at A Dog’s Journal. I am giving you a little background about her to understand why we are requesting donations and know how much we love her and want her to have a chance at a longer life (if the quality of life is nearly as good as before).
This fundraiser will help raise funds to continue to help Yoda’s medical diagnosis & treatment. Should we raise more than is needed for her care or in the event that we must send her to heaven, all remaining proceeds will be donated to the vet hospital in the hopes to help another family(ies) to care for their furball(s) as a pay it forward or as we call it “Paw it Forward”.
Current Fundraisers are at:
Love thy Scents | Independent Scentsy Consultant
Scentsy is a line of wickless candles, room spray, body lotion, etc. The Consultant will be donating all of her commission profits from this fundraiser to Yoda’s Care. These are great for last minute holiday gifts!
Give Forward | Is a great medical Fundraising site and we have decided to open up one there too.